The Vagus Centre is a new name for the Family Harmony Services as a one of the service provided by the Chinese Mental Health Consultation Service Trust. With a recent funding from the Ministry of Social Development, we are now able to provide a FREE counselling service to Chinese Individuals/ families having difficulties in relationships and parenting issues. This service is to enhance harmony within Chinese families before any family violence erupts and legal involvement.

The aims for this service are:

  1. to enhance family relationships
  2. to provide professional advice for the enrichment of family relationships.
  3. to encourage the Chinese families to live harmoniously and settle happily in New Zealand.
  4. to reduce the propensity to serious physical and psychological consequences.

The services we provide:

  1. Assessments for individuals and families: the needs; family functioning and safety issues.
  2. Counselling Services for individuals / couples / families (up to six sessions)
  3. Referral to other Services when appropriate
  4. Others:
    • Counselling for life crisis.
    • Parenting issues
    • Culturally appropriate clinical services for Chinese.

The Team are staffed by a group of New Zealand qualified Counsellors who are of Chinese ethnicity. Our counsellors speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, and are experienced and qualified in working in the NZ health and education sectors. We are also Ministry of Justice approved programmes providers under the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and working with the Ministry of Social Development initiated "It is Not Ok" anti-domestic violence Campaign since 2007.

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